The Ask Academy RoboRAVE Robotics Team will be taking their STEM talents to China to compete on the world stage. The team of 11 Albuquerque students is touring Beijing for three days, then flying to Conghua in southern China for the competition.

At least 87 international teams will be attending RoboRAVE in addition to a number of Chinese teams. CEO of Be Greater Than Average Dr. Shelly Gruenig explains that those competing are Ask Academy students who competed in RoboRAVE back in May and qualified to compete in the international competition.

The students have created several robots, spending hours programming the robots to act defensively. Three teams will be competing in a follow the line challenge with three other teams competing in Sumobot, in which the robots try to force each other out of a ring.

The robotics team will go to China on July 14, visiting Beijing for three days before heading to Conghua for the competition.

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