Murals are everywhere around Albuquerque, and now there’s a website highlighting the best of them and helping you find them.    

“There’s something just so artsy about here, I just love driving through,” said muralist Amelia Richardson. “You get to see so many murals and so many mosaics that you don’t get anywhere else.”

Portraying everything from nature and tradition, to history and religion, there’s an abundance of murals around Albuquerque.

“Arts are really important in any kind of social aspect,” said muralist Marissa Mascareñas. “It’s a way to tell a story of where we come from, who we are, what we want to say.” 

Until now there was no place to find a catalog of the city’s murals. 

“I was thinking, in Albuquerque we have so many great murals. I started looking for a resource to find out where they are, and there isn’t one,” said Sandy Hill, owner of Studio Hill Designs and the MurosABQ website. 

After going on a graffiti art tour in Argentina, Hill was inspired to start the Right now, it shows 72 murals.

“Art is what Albuquerque is about,” Hill said. “And the street art is even more true to our heart and soul. I mean this is the people.”

The privately developed website shows where murals are located, a description of what the mural was about, and an artist bio. 

“I think it’s awesome. There’s some on there that I haven’t seen before,” said Sabrina Maestas of Albuquerque. “I think I want to go find them and check them out.”

“I think it would be really good for people who aren’t from here,” said Amber Brooks of Albuquerque. “[Visitors] probably really don’t see that from where they’re from.”

“It’s diverse for sure, I love it,” said Kamryn Guillén. “We’re always trying to make our Instagram look cool and take pictures so I’d be really cool to go visit all of these.” 

The website designers believe there are more than 500 murals in the city, and they hope to have them all on the website someday.

Hill also hopes to create an app with a walking tour. The Albuquerque Trolley Company says it will start hosting mural tours soon.