Albuquerque’s First Lady Elizabeth Keller wants to get more people volunteering in their communities.

She’s spearheading the “One ABQ Challenge” — a new initiative to bring together people through service projects.

Keller hopes a new ad on the city’s website will inspire participation in the first city-wide service project happening all next month.

“It was this belief that we have the power if we work together to really create a better future for our city,” said Keller.

This year’s theme is ‘connecting youth and elders’ — an effort to help what some consider our most vulnerable populations.

It’s an idea many people like.

“I think anything you can do to promote more volunteering in the community is always a good idea,” said resident Jenny Parsons.

“I would teach elder people how to use computers I guess,” added her son Fielding Parsons.

That’s exactly what Keller’s looking for to build community relations and inter-generational exchange.

The video asks people to commit to a service project in August or even create one. Then, challenge others to get on board too.

“We have tremendous organizations right here in the city that are contributing to the safety, the vitality, the inclusiveness of our city by connecting youth and elders,” said Keller.

Anyone can sign up or submit a project on the city’s website. There are already about 20 projects available.

However, Keller says people can also get involved at home by sharing recipes or even writing letters to the elderly.

“Everybody just bounces off each other when they’re volunteering,” said Boy Scout Michael Gaffney.

Keller hopes these projects bring meaningful changes throughout the city.

Participants are encouraged to share their volunteering on social media with the hashtag #ThisIsABQ.