While New Mexico has one of the most recognizable flags in the country, Albuquerque’s might be the most forgettable.

A lot of people may not know that Albuquerque has an official city flag and it’s that unknown nature that’s now driving a local push to redesign it. 

The red and yellow Zia flag reading “Albuquerque” is barely used. City councilors sit in front of it for meetings, and maybe the only other one in the city flies outside the convention center. Most other displays, however, ignore it. 

“You walk around Albuquerque and you don’t see our flag used anywhere because the design is not working for people,” Lindsay Wood said. 

Wood is an Albuquerque resident who’s now hoping she can inspire the city at large to redesign the flag. She even pitched to city council this month, asking them to hold a city flag redesign contest. 

Wood says she wants to see a contest open to everyone and end with a public vote.

She admits, the flag’s look isn’t one of Albuquerque’s “biggest issues.”

However, Wood says, “When people can show their pride in the city and when people do have that pride, good things happen.”

Councilor Pat Davis says he’s working with the mayor’s office and other councilors to get a redesign project going. 

“The one we have right now is sort of basic and sort of simple, but it could be a lot cooler. It could really stand out. It could really help to give us something to rally around,” Davis said. 

The give you an idea of how forgotten Albuquerque’s city flag is, the flag isn’t even mentioned or shown on the city’s website. 

Councilor Davis says the city is also working to research the origin of the current flag.