SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – From a hop to a roll. A rabbit is getting a new lease on life with the help of a local non-profit and a New Mexico tech company. “I don’t know why they named her Yo-Yo but I think it’s cute,” says Kirstin Tyler, board president of New Mexico House Rabbit Society. It’s a name that fits. “We can say it because she bounces right back,” said Tyler.

Yo-Yo bounces a little differently than other bunnies these days. A few months ago Yo-Yo was found as a stray and then taken to Albuquerque Animal Welfare, where it was discovered she had a fractured spine and paralysis in her back legs. “We don’t know how she broke her back but it could have been that she was attacked by something or maybe she fell or maybe she was hit by a car,” said Tyler.

Yo-Yo is being fostered and cared for by members of the New Mexico House Rabbit Society, the state’s only house rabbit rescue. “It turned out that she was starting to chew on her legs and harming herself, so now we are in the process of doing a double leg amputation,” said Tyler.

Yo-Yo has already had one amputation, and even though hopping is now out of the question, she’ll soon be able to roll. “You just hate to see them suffer and she’s a tough cookie,” said Sarah Boisvert, CEO of New Collar Network.

Santa Fe-based tech company, New Collar Network has designed a wheelchair specifically for the bunny. “Their anatomy really dictated something that wasn’t on the market and the beauty of 3D printing is that you can quickly and easily make something customized,” said Boisvert.

After her second amputation next month, Yo-Yo will get fitted for her new wheelchair, “We’re hoping that through the creation of the custom wheelchair, rabbits all over the country who need a double amputation can use this as well,” said Tyler.

Once she’s up and rolling, those fostering Yo-Yo hope the right family will give her a happy home. “Yo-Yo is so sweet and so full of life still she would make an amazing pet,” said Tyler.

The company says materials for the wheelchair costs about $50. There is a fundraiser to contribute to Yo-Yo’s medical bills.