SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A woman who claims she was on the cusp of finding Forrest Fenn’s famed fortune has filed a lawsuit saying her solution was stolen. Barbara Anderson says she spent three years searching for the treasure and believed she was close to solving it.

She claims she got threatening text messages that appeared to show she was being stalked. Anderson also says she believes she was hacked and that her solution was stolen resulting in the news this weekend that an unidentified person had found the treasure.

“If there is truly a person and not a hoax and the chest was truly found, I would want to find this person and say how did you get to this very strange location in the middle of nowhere because you have to get there by solving the puzzle,” said Anderson.

Anderson filed her suit against Fenn and the nameless treasure finder. Fenn has refused to give any more information beyond that someone found the chest and it hadn’t moved in ten years.