NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A common dilemma: you’ve been itching to celebrate Christmas all year. It finally comes time, and you get out the decorations, put up the tree, and your tried and true Christmas lights for the house. But when is the right time to do it? A new survey from the homeowner website House Method breaks down by state when people prefer to put up their Christmas lights.

Courtesy: House Method Team

According to the survey, which asked nearly 4,000 U.S. homeowners when they thought it was too early to put up lights and when they planned on hanging them, Black Friday is the earliest day New Mexicans say you should put up Christmas lights. Nine other states – including Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, and Massachusetts – agree.

When asked when they were planning on hanging their Christmas lights, New Mexicans responded, saying the period of time between Black Friday at the end of November was the sweet spot. According to the survey, that answer was as popular (11%) as the answer “Week Before Christmas.”

With both questions, the most popular answer was “First Week of December.” However, the survey showed that most Americans said from early to mid-November is when they were planning on putting up lights, but when most U.S. households would prefer to start seeing Christmas lights is from early to mid-December.

The House Method survey asked 3,930 Americans using a third-party survey platform. It was conducted in October of 2022 with an estimated margin of error of 2% and a confidence level of 90%