NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Hundreds of New Mexicans are still living in evacuation shelters, unable to return to their homes because of wildfires ripping through their community. Toby Lovato lives near the Calf Canyon, Hermits Peak Fire that has now burned more than 60,000 acres. For the past few weeks, Lovato along with at least a dozen other volunteers have been delivering food and other necessities to those affected by the fire. While he hasn’t been directly impacted by the fires, he wants to help anyone who hasn’t been as fortunate.

“We don’t just drop off the food, we stand there and visit with them, make sure they’re okay- address any other needs they may have,” Lovato said.

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Tina Heffner is her parent’s caregiver. The three were evacuated from their home in Encinal, near Morea, almost a week ago with no idea when they’ll get to go back. Heffner was able to visit their home today to pick up her mom’s medicine. “Past Sapello, all the way to Buena Vista it was just completely burned…you could even still see the fire up on the top of the hill,” said Heffner.

While she’s relieved to see her home still standing, she says that doesn’t stop her from worrying. “How bad the winds have been up there, it’s really scary because if the winds change direction, that fire can come right over that mountain… and just go right into Mora,” said Heffner. Though she’s grateful for the help she and her family have been given, Heffner said nothing will be as comforting as returning home for good.