New video shows a woman leading police on a dramatic chase in a stolen mail truck.
She managed to outmaneuver State Police a couple of times before they finally got the better of her.

Police thought they had her first on the interstate, then after she turned off I-25, but it finally took an officer putting himself in harm’s way to get her to stop.

A nearly 20-mile long chase came to a crashing end in the middle of Raton with one patrol car getting hit, and spun around by a stolen mail truck.

The highway chase started down in Maxwell after 34-year-old Chanel Esckelson took the unmarked postal vehicle.

State Police put out spike strips along I-25 to try and stop her, but she used the median to get around them.

“Here it is! He’s in the left lane, left lane. He’s going to go off road, he’s going to go off road,” an officer said. 
So the chase continued, and this time police had a new plan.

“If under 35 I will PIT,” an officer said. 

Esckelson eventually led officers off I-25 and into the heart of Raton.

“We are passing the Phillips 66. Two lanes of travel traffic is light,” an officer said. 

It didn’t take long for officers to make their move, but it would take more than one PIT maneuver to stop the rogue mail truck.

“203 is engaging a pit attempting right now,” an officer said. 

It finally came to an end with an officer blocking the truck and getting rammed in the process.

No one was injured during the chase, but a postal employee did tell police he tried to stop Esckelson when she first hopped into the truck and fell off the side as it sped away.

Esckelson has a long criminal history in New Mexico for drugs, car theft, shoplifting and burglary.

No word on why she decided to steal a postal truck.