ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Surveillance video is giving a better look of what happened the night of the shooting on the University of New Mexico Campus involving several UNM students and New Mexico State Men’s basketball player Mike Peake.

NMSU player Mike Peake was shot in the leg and UNM student Brandon Travis was killed after an exchange of gunfire near Coronado Hall. Surveillance video shows Peake and UNM student Mya Hill walking together. Shortly after they are out of camera view, you can see three people come in behind them and run towards them, one of them with a bat in their hand.

Video shows the three confront Peake, with one of them pushing him. One person is seen pointing a gun at him and another hitting Peake with a bat and running away. In an interview Hill told police how it played out. “I just started walking and I didn’t see them because they came up from behind us, but the only person I did see was ‘B,’ and he pointed the gun at Michael’s face and after I ran,” said Hill.

Peake can also be seen running, being followed. You can then see Travis fire a shot at Peake and Peake fire a shot back. According to a police report, surveillance video also shows three NMSU players picking up Peake shortly after the shooting and him putting the gun in the trunk. After 12 hours police tracked the gun down, which was ultimately found in the possession of an assistant coach.

Coach Dominique Taylor met an officer at the Doubletree in downtown Albuquerque with the gun wrapped in a towel to hand it over. There are questions about that coaches actions that night and NMSU is bringing in a third party investigator to review the events surrounding the shooting and how the university handled it.

Both Mya Hill and Jonathan Smith were arrested for their role in the incident. The third male was identified only as Eli; it is unknown if he was ever charged. Peake is not facing any charges at this point.