***WARNING: Some of the details in this story are considered disturbing.***

OTERO COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – The murder of a store clerk shocked a small New Mexico town. Now, a new video gives a better understanding of what happened leading up to the crime.

Joseph Sanders is accused of shooting and killing 34-year-old Laura McCormick, who was working behind the counter at The Weed convenience store south of Mayhill. The video shows Sanders came into the store three times before he attacked.  

It’s a day the residents of Otero County may never forget. On October 11, 52-year-old Joseph Sanders walked into the weed convenience store. He can be heard calmly saying “Hello” to store clerk, Laura McCormick. When Sanders asked McCormick if there was coffee, she directed him to the back of the store. 

Minutes later, a second man with an orange beanie walks in. He goes to the back and begins talking with Sanders for a few minutes before cashing out. Alone in the store with Sanders, McCormick tells him to finish gassing his car before paying for everything. 

Sanders leaves and comes back again, grabbing a few more items and making small talk with McCormick. When he tries to cash out again, the clerk reiterates that Sanders still has to put gas in the car.   

Sanders leaves and returns for a third time. That’s when he walks up to McCormick and pulls out a 22-Caliber Revolver. A scuffle ensues before he reportedly shoots her two times and then flees. After driving off from the store, investigators accuse Sanders of abandoning his truck, and then stealing an ATV before being arrested.