ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Restaurants in New Mexico have been relying on take-out orders to survive. One Roswell woman didn’t want to pay for her food, even trying to convince authorities she was a famous, dead Tejano music star.

On August 17, Roswell Police were called to Pizza Hut after a female ordered a pizza and refused to pay. She then requested it be put on her account and when workers told her she couldn’t do that, she took off with the food. Before she left, she even posed for a picture the manager took as she walked out of the store.

Sofia Solis, 27, would not stop or listen to the officer when he found her walking in the middle of the road just down the street from the Pizza Hut and continued to say she was the pop star, Selena.

Officer: “What is your name?” Solis: “Selena.” Officer: “Selena what?” Solis: “I don’t… Quintanilla.”

Solis continued to tell officers her real name was Selena and tried to escape once again. Once officers got her to the police station to start the booking process, Sophia wanted to fight and tried to bite multiple officers. The Roswell Police Department said it is a prime example of what the officers have to deal with every day.

Solis was arrested last Friday for trying to break into a house in Roswell. She has a preliminary hearing on the Pizza Hut incident scheduled for Wednesday.

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