SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police have released video of their interview with Jeannine Jaramillo, the woman accused of fleeing from police and driving the wrong way down I-25 and eventually causing a crash that killed a police officer and retired firefighter.

On March 2, officers thought they were trying to rescue Jaramillo after she told them she was being kidnapped. The chase ended with a deadly crash and one of the officers said she was the only one to get out of the car.

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At the police station, Jaramillo appears to be a frightened victim and officers question her. She tells officers she and her boyfriend Mark stayed the night in Santa Fe, and he attacked her that morning when she asked him to take her home. She tells officers he was punching her, threatening her with a knife, and at one point poured gasoline on her and threatened to light her on fire.

Police start to realize her story isn’t making sense, officers press her for answers, and suddenly her story starts showing cracks. Officers point out that she has no injuries consistent with the abuse she described, and the clothes she had been wearing don’t smell like gas. Jaramillo starts talking about a gun and changes her story about who was driving and where they went, but never stops saying she was a victim.

Jaramillo was released that day but later arrested. She is facing several charges including two counts of 1st-degree murder.