HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) – Video shows what officers encountered the night a newborn was found in a Hobbs dumpster. Alexis Avila is accused of throwing her newborn baby in the trash earlier this month. Police video released on Thursday shows offices had a difficult job in trying to figure out who was responsible and it shows just how deadly the situation could have become.

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When officers got the call of a baby found in a dumpster, they wouldn’t get to the scene fast enough but when they got there, they were confused. Their first mission was to make sure the baby was okay. As the boy was swept away to the hospital, officers tried to figure out what in the world just happened that night. Three people scavenging in the dumpster that Friday night, say they just found him.

Their story sounds pretty wild and after a half-hour of questioning, it’s consistent. “Obviously she’s a female but I don’t know — she’s not acting you know as if she was the one who threw him in here or stuff,” said an officer in lapel video.

Officers do get the three to submit their DNA just in case but just minutes later confirmed they had nothing to do with it. The three heroes who found the baby do have some criminal history but on that Friday night, it doesn’t matter. The community has come together to try to help the three who found the baby, especially Michael Green who is homeless. A GoFundMe has been set up to try and buy him an RV.