FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – A video circulating on social media has people outraged. An employee at Kids Corner Learning Center in Farmington made a Facebook Live video while at work, which now has cost her job and has the daycare apologizing.

“She’s that new one. She’s one of those preppy types. She’s not going to last here, she’s going to b***h at every little thing,” the employee is heard on the video. “All I’m saying is over here at work, they’re going to know what a b***h is.”

In the live video, the employee is recording the kids as she’s feeding them and can be heard using the ‘f-word’ and ‘b-word’ and trashing her coworkers. The video was recorded and posted by someone else. It has now been shared hundreds of times with people commenting and condemning the behavior.

KRQE News 13 talked with the mom of a child on the Facebook Live who asked her identity be protected. She said until this, she’s only had good experiences with Kids Corner and said she was shocked when she saw the video.

“When I figured out that she was directing some of those comments to my child, it just made me furious, I was beyond furious,” the mom said. “If she’s doing that publicly, what is she doing when nobody knows?”

The mom said she first learned of the video from a friend on Facebook but said the daycare did call her that evening to alert her to the situation.

Kids Corner Learning Center said they learned of the video shortly after it was posted and immediately took action. The owner said they called the parents of every child in the video to alert them to the situation and apologize. They also reported the incident to the state agency that regulates them and called police to make sure no criminal activity had taken place.

The daycare said the employee’s behavior was unacceptable and violated the daycare’s confidentiality policy; The employee has been fired. According to the daycare, the employee used to work there years ago and recently started working with them again. The owner said the employee recently underwent a background check and nothing concerning came up.

Kids Corner passed its inspection by the state just a few months ago. The owner said they’ve been operating in the area for nearly 25 years and have never had a situation like this come up.

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