SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – It started off as a typical DWI stop but it turned into a violent struggle between a New Mexico State Police officer and the suspect, back at the jail. All of it was caught on camera and now the suspect is suing.

Last May, State Police were called to a scene in Santa Fe after they say Ryan Cordova drove drunk and got into a wrong-way crash. During the field sobriety test, Officer Peter Romero tried to calm Cordova’s fears.

Police say he failed the tests. Once they got to the State Police office, things turned violent as Romero tried to handcuff Cordova to a handrail.

Cordova can be seen taunting Romero, as their struggle continued for the next 30-minutes. Romero asked Cordova again, and again, to comply.

The video shows Officer Romero getting impatient with Cordova. As the video goes on, Romero is seen pushing Cordova into the wall multiple times.

When Cordova was gagging, Officer Romero is seen kicking him and even using his knee to push Cordova’s head to the ground.

Now, Cordova has filed a lawsuit against Romero and State Police claiming the officer used excessive force and was not trained properly

A State Police spokesperson did not want to comment on the lawsuit but did confirm that Officer Romero is still employed and back on duty with the department.

The DWI charges against Cordova, who refused to take a breathalyzer, have been dismissed. Calls to the District Attorney’s Office to ask why they were dismissed, were not returned.

Cordova also claims he had a broken wrist before that night and the struggle aggravated the injury.