SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a chance encounter in a Santa Fe Dunkin Donuts that led to a double tasing by deputies. Those tasings came after a boyfriend-girlfriend duo made it clear they weren’t going down easily.

Early Saturday morning in late July Santa Fe deputies were waiting for their order at Dunkin Donuts when they recognized Matthew Montano who had a warrant out for his arrest. 

Montano and his girlfriend bolted in a Toyota Corolla and then refused to pull over. Deputies would cancel the chase. Minutes later deputies went to an address where Montano had been arrested before and surrounded the car. 

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A deputy is heard screaming, “Get out of the car…get out of the car!” Montano and his girlfriend Brianna Hernandez ignored commands to get out of the car. Instead Hernandez starts ramming the corolla into their patrol cars, nearly striking one of the deputies.

Hernandez and Montano are both tased at the same time. Both were then detained. A deputy asks why she ran from them. Hernandez said, “Because I didn’t want to f******  go to jail.” She then admits she also had a warrant out for her arrest. 

The corolla turned out to be stolen. Both Hernandez and Montano were hit with a long list of charges. Montano was also charged for being a felon with a firearm because deputies found a loaded 9 millimeter handgun under the passenger seat.