SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Monday the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office released interviews with the cast and crew from the October 2021 shooting on the Rust movie set. The videos reveal a history of firearm mismanagement on the set.

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New video shows Alec Baldwin talking with the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office after cinematographer Haylana Hutchins was killed during an accident on the set of Rust on October 21, 2021. “I take the coat over the thing, the cameras there… I believe she is there, turned a bit talking to him. I think she was hit in the right armpit,” said Baldwin.

Video also shows Baldwin doing some takes before the fatal shot. “They are me and you’re assuming that every time it’s a cold gun for the rehearsal,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin would later go on to claim the gun misfired when he pulled it out. “I take the gun out and as it clears, the barrel clears the holster. I turn and cock the gun. The gun goes off,” said Baldwin. “It should have been a cold gun with no rounds inside or dummy rounds, cosmetic rounds. No flash. I take the gun out… bang. She hits the ground. She goes down.”

Director Joel Souza was also shot during the incident. “And then he starts screaming. I’m thinking in a flash round. I could see maybe if there was watching this and stuff like that. And if he burned You see sometimes that happens. But remember, we’re rehearsing so no one’s protected,” said Baldwin.

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Souza talked to a deputy while waiting to go into the operation room. “I believe the armor will keep the gun what they call clean or cold. When they hand it over for rehearsal they show it to the actor, they show it to the first ad, and they all agree there are no rounds in it,” said Souza

Last week, New Mexico Environment Department’s Occupational Health and Safety Bureau released the results of its investigation. The report found that the Rust Movie Productions, LLC management knew that firearm safety procedures were not followed on set and showed indifference to employee safety. The production company was issued a Willful-Serious citation that includes a $136,793 penalty. This is the maximum fine and highest level of citation allowed by state law in New Mexico.