Half a dozen Goddard High School students were taken to the hospital Wednesday, but there’s not a lot of information about what sent them there.

The administration is being tight-lipped, which is driving parents crazy, only saying it had to do with ‘prohibited behavior.’

Roswell Police and EMS responded to Goddard High School just before noon Wednesday. KRQE News 13 is told students became sick after vaping marijuana wax and were taken to the hospital as a ‘precautionary’ measure.

Superintendent Dr. Ann Lynn McIlroy said she could not discuss specifics, but that the incident was limited to six teens.

“Their first and primary response was to make sure that kids were taken care of and that they were given the adequate care and afterward, started investigating what had actually occurred,” said Dr. McIlroy.

Students said they’ve heard there is much more to the story.

“What I heard was it was laced with heroin, and then some kid [had] an allergic reaction [and] the ambulance came,” said Angel Gonzalez.

“I think they were all just kind of hitting on it. One of them said they couldn’t breathe and stuff like that, so they just decided to call the ambulance,” said Brian Isarraraz.

Parents said they were told very little. Many turned to social media to try to get answers.

That’s where some were told one of the students was seizing, but there’s no official answer from the district.

“I mean on the doors it says like, no tobacco products allowed, but I mean, you can’t really search every students’ pockets so you really don’t know what they have,’ said Gonzalez.

Police said as of right now, no charges have been filed.

Both they and school officials are continuing to investigate.

The school district said it’s looking at disciplinary measures, although it remains unclear what type of punishment those involved could face.

“It’s a school. We’re not going to allow anything like that and make sure kids understand that there’s a seriousness to the choices that they make,” said Dr. McIlroy.

The superintendent said the students are doing fine.

The wax was turned over to the police and they will be testing it to see if it was, in fact, laced with anything else.

The school district does not allow vaping of any kind on campus — even tobacco, and even if the student is 18 years old.