NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A group of students from the University of Michigan brought their solar-powered car to Albuquerque. The team let local kids check out their project at Explora Sunday and talked with them about engineering and the future of solar energy.

The project is a group effort, with two crews monitoring road and weather conditions, and another vehicle behind them marking sure everyone stays safe. To power the journey, the solar car uses solar cells available on the commercial market. ” There’s nothing special about these cells. They are what you find on a lot of people’s roofs or businesses’ roofs. They are what is available now,” University of Michigan Solar Car Team Electrical Lead Evan Travis said.

The students started their cross-country trek, showcasing their project, July 23, in Princeton, New Jersey and are expected to reach Los Angeles this Thursday. Once the trip ends, the team will have traveled more than 1,300 miles through 12 states.