NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – When it comes to football, we know each team is trying to keep their opponents out of the end zone.  

However, in a recent New Mexico high school football game, two teams rallied to make one play a special moment for a senior. 

The Friday night lights were shining bright last week for number 54 Caytano Trujillo, a senior at Clayton High School. 

Both his team and the opposing Tatum Coyotes worked together to let Trujillo, who has special needs, make his last year with the team a memorable one. 

 “For me, it feels like there’s one moment where you’re going to be a special person when you get out onto the field,” said Caytano Trujillo, football player for Clayton High School.  

His coach met up with the other team and officials to make the game plan possible. 

“What we try to do at all of our home games that we have had this year is get Caytano here, right before the half, and get him a touchdown,” Josh Garcia, head coach for Clayton High School.  

Last Friday, it was another showing of sportsmanship, something Tatum’s coach said they were happy to be a part of. 

“Our kids were excited about getting to do that, and we did so, and we joined in the celebration with him after he scored and thought that was a really neat moment,” said Brent Satterwhite, the head coach for Tatum High School.  

That wasn’t the only sportsmanship that night. After the game, Clayton players headed to the hospital, showing support for an injured Tatum player. 

“What football means to me, that it is a game of sportsmanship, and there is a responsibility. You do have to take when you’re on the field because one single play, and it’s over,” said Trujillo.  

Trujillo said his next goal is to score a touchdown for the Lobos. 

His coach said they’re working on another moment of Caytano this Friday versus Dulce.