TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. (KRQE) – A southern New Mexico mayor and her husband are in hot water after the way they take care of their dogs. Video from the Truth or Consequences Police Department shows two Animal Control officers driving up to a property where a large kennel was holding more than a dozen dogs back in September. Several of the animals appear to be malnourished, according to the video.

The officers were originally called out for two dogs running loose in the area. They never found those dogs, but they did stumble across the property in the video. Photos taken by the officers show the dog’s water bucket full of green slime. The video shows the officers looking for the owner, and eventually, a woman comes to the door. The woman addresses herself as Mayor Forrister, the Truth or Consequences Mayor. In the video, she says the dogs belong to her and her husband, Lane Forrister.

But in the video, you see tensions rise when officers start asking questions. Amanda Forrister says she was at the kennel earlier that day checking on the dogs and that they get fresh water daily. However, the officers aren’t convinced and issue citations for cruelty, care, and maintenance. Although the mayor admitted to being responsible for the dogs, she had the officers write the citations in her husband’s name, according to the criminal complaint. The citations were later upgraded to a long list of criminal charges against Lane Forrister, including animal cruelty and not having proper permits, as well as failing to vaccinate and license 14 dogs.

KRQE reached out to the Truth or Consequences Mayor’s Office but did not get a response.