NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Frank Methola, a New Mexico police chief, was scheduled to go on trial Monday. He is accused of impersonating an officer and battery.

This stems from an incident when Methola, Loving Police Chief, is accused of making a traffic stop in a different town than where he works. In 2021, Methola is accused of pulling over Cody Hill as he drove into Carlsbad, saying he was speeding and driving recklessly. Hill led him on a chase, then when he was stopped challenged Methola’s authority, saying he was outside his jurisdiction; that incident escalated into a tasing.

Methola was later charged, with the district attorney agreeing Methola did not have jurisdiction. The trial was scheduled to start Monday, but prosecutors filed a motion challenging a piece of evidence. Methola’s attorney planned to introduce citing a previous agreement between Eddy County and Loving Police to act outside their jurisdiction. The two sides wanted to get that sorted out before the trial process begins.