LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (KRQE) – Los Alamos is the city where discoveries are made and one teacher there made quite a discovery, a time capsule hidden by fourth-graders from 50 years ago. “Do not open until 2020 A.D. by the fourth-grade class,” said Gina Terrazas, the principal of Barranca Mesa Elementary School.   

She said a PE teacher at the school recently found that note on an old box hidden in the gym closet. “It was just tucked away in the corner, it was covered in cobwebs and drywall and a lot of dust,” said Terrazas. 

The box was locked but they managed to open it and discovered it was a time capsule, put there by Ms. Lucy Lockett’s fourth-grade class in 1970. “It was pretty exciting to see just how old this time capsule was and how long it’s been there and like I said it was a miracle that it hadn’t been destroyed,” said Terrazas.   

So what was inside? “Every single student has one of these in their folder. It has the year, their name, and what they sort of wore,” said Terrazas.

Along with the personal folders, they also found drawings, newspapers, and old relics including a cassette tape. The recent find has now inspired teachers at the school to have their own students create a time capsule when they come back in person on April 5.  

“Especially now because kids are living through a pandemic and it sparked that interest that the time capsule if we created one now, would be quite different from what we just found,” said Terrazas.

If you are one of the students who were part of the time capsule you’re asked to call 505-663-2730 or email Barranca Mesa Elementary School.