ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – A memorial put up for a man known around Roswell as the “Lawn Mower Man” has been stolen. The community is shocked someone would stoop so low.

Every day for nearly 50 years, Carlos Ramirez could be found sitting in front of St. Andrews Church at Pennsylvania and Fifth Street with his lawnmower. Ramirez was homeless and would mow lawns across the city to make money.

“I seen him here every time I would to the post office, sometimes I seen him with new shoes on, where people bought new shoes for him. He was a man that didn’t bother anybody,” said Bobbie Merchant.

Ramirez died last month after being badly burned while trying to cook with a propane stove. His absence has been felt by many; the curb where he always sat, too quiet.

That’s why on Monday, someone created a memorial to him. Instead of a ghost bike, it was a ghost lawnmower. By Tuesday, it was gone.

“Who would do this to him? Why would you disrespect him like that?” said Nicole Vargas.

The city says it had to be the work of thieves. People are mad and sad.

“I’m really upset at the fact it’s not here any longer. It wasn’t for anyone’s taking,” said Cyndi Mitchell.

But they aren’t going to let the thieves win. They’re coming together to replace it. This time, it will include a big picture of the lawnmower man and it will be chained up so it can’t be stolen.