Teen who admittedly drove drunk, hit car before crashing into home

New Mexico

A teen driving a pickup truck led police on a wild chase and crash. It started with the driver nearly hitting a cop, and ended with a crash into a mobile home where four young kids were sleeping.

“Forty-two, forty-one off rail, he’s in a trailer,” the deputy said to dispatch.

“Are the kids ok? The kids?” the deputy shouted, as he ran towards the scene. 

“Yes, the kids are ok,” the victims shouted back.

It was a dramatic ending to a pursuit.

“I’m at Agua Fria and Jemez. Speeds are at 43,” the deputy called out to dispatch.

On March 28, Santa Fe County deputies got a call about someone being driving dangerously in a pickup at McDonald’s.

“We got a call that there was a white Chevy pickup doing donuts in the parking lot,” a deputy said in the video.

Minutes after that call, deputies noticed the truck traveling down Agua Fria in Santa Fe after it nearly hit an officer.

“He almost went head on with me,” the deputy said.

Deputies began pursuing the truck, and say Miguel Garcia was behind the wheel of the pick up. Deputies say he was driving so fast they lost him. However, one witness saw the madness unfolding.

“He passed me going like 100 [mph],” the witness said. “He straight up ran that stoplight and he gunned it as soon as he got past me, and he was in the wrong lane and going through a stop sign.”

Deputies say the 19-year-old kept driving.

“He hit that car head on and then he continued east bound,” the deputy said. “And went between the tree and the house, and it sounds like took the left side of the house out.”

Garcia crashed into a room where four young children were sleeping at the Lone Star Mobile Home Park. Thankfully, they were uninjured.

Police say Garcia was stuck in the truck because of how much debris had fallen. When deputies went to check if he was okay, he had some interesting words for them.

“I just need some cops,” Garcia said.

“You need some cops?” the deputy questioned.

“I just need cops to drive my truck to my house,” Garcia said.

Deputies say the teen admitted to having three or four beers before driving. He will be in court on Monday facing six different charges.

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