NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Tech Trek New Mexico hosts in-person summer STEM camps for girls transitioning from seventh to eighth grade. These camps introduce girls to career opportunities in STEM fields through engaging, hands-on core classes, field trips, workshops, and more.

Right now, science and math teachers from all over the state are encouraged to nominate up to four current seventh graders for the 2021 Tech Trek Camp. Tech Trek New Mexico Marketing Coordinator Cheryl Kerby discusses this opportunity.

Teachers from rural school districts are encouraged to nominate their students. Due to COVID-19, this year’s camp will be online but it will be very different from an online school.

Typically, Tech Trek is a week-long summer camp for girls where they are introduced to the possibilities of careers in the STEM fields. Campers take part in activities like building and programming robots, learning how computer simulations are used to predict weather patterns, and more.

Teachers can nominate girls for this year’s virtual camp by filling out an online form. The deadline is February 26, 2021. “Out of all of the nominations we get, which is usually over 200, we select 60 girls,” said Kerby.

“Mainly we want to know, not are they the top student, we’re not looking for the straight-A students always. We’re looking for girls coming from families where maybe parents didn’t go to college and where girls may not have an opportunity to be exposed to science equipment and higher math and engineering and tech in their schools,” said Kerby. “But we want girls who are interested in those fields and who maybe have in inclination they might want to go into those fields.”

A maximum of four girls per school can be nominated. The cost of the camp is a $50 registration fee per girl. This year, while a computer is necessary for camp, if a girl is selected to attend camp, Tech Trek will make arrangements to accommodate her. For more information visit