TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – A Taos family is questioning why nothing has been done to the Taos Gorge Bridge to deter suicides or at least help provide some answers to families. This comes almost a year after Taos County received a large grant to put cameras up on the bridge.

Elizabeth Muñoz lost her son, 20-year-old Juan Muñoz, back in 2021 after an apparent suicide at the Taos Gorge Bridge. Ever since they’ve fought to bring safety improvements to prevent other families from experiencing the same thing, but just this month another family is suffering from the same fate. “It’s still happening here,” said Muñoz. Leading her and many in the community to ask why nothing has changed.

“We feel like we have to do something to prevent this,” said Muñoz.

Three years ago New Mexico Department of Transportation did a study on ways to deter suicide on the bridge. From netting to fencing but according to the Muñoz’s, one idea should already be in place, cameras.

“They approved the money in April but it’s been a year and nothing has happened,” said Muñoz.

Right now, Taos County is sitting on a $150k grant from the state to install cameras along the bridge and also improve the railing. “I know if they put something there they have to take more time,” said Muñoz.

So far the money is untouched and no one has said why the cameras haven’t gone up. “That way the families know for sure what happened there when that happened to my son, they don’t know if somebody did it or if he did,” said Muñoz.

Despite her frustrations, Muñoz wants to continue to push lawmakers to step in. “When I was talking to the governor, she said that she was going to help me with the cameras,” said Muñoz.

She says with each life lost she finds it harder to move on. “They bring all my emotions back,” said Muñoz.

KRQE News 13 reached out to the Taos County Manager for more information but only heard back from the deputy county manager who had no official comment. While the bridge is on a state highway, the NMDOT says it is not involved in this project.