NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It was a three-county chase that ended with Joshua Francis shot. Now, he’s suing the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department for essentially everything that happened from the time the chase started in Mountainair until the moment it ended in Bosque Farms an hour later in 2021.

It started in Mountainair when Francis called 911 claiming he was holding a woman hostage at a motel and trashing his room and was ready to kill police. When they arrived, they saw him take off in his Chevrolet pickup. The lawsuit claims deputies never should have chased Francis because he didn’t pose a danger on the empty highways at three in the morning and that they shouldn’t have chased him into other counties. He also claims he only drove into patrol cars because his pickup was still in gear after they bumped him off the road and that he raised empty hands to show he was unarmed before they shot him.

Francis says he lost movement in his right arm and was blinded in one eye by a bullet fragment. He pled guilty to damaging his hotel room and for the chase in exchange for a suspended sentence. He’s still awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated battery for hitting the patrol car with deputies inside.