SAN JUAN COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office rescued a lost hiker and her dog Annie in the Bisti Wilderness area. On February 27, Diane Brown and Annie went out to explore the Bisti Wilderness, which is in the Four Corners Region.

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SJSCO say as it started to get dark and her phone was almost dead, she sent out a text to her husband and friends.

“My whole family is looking for me,” said Brown.

She let them know she was stuck and gave them her location. On February 28 around 8:30 a.m. The Crownpoint Police Department contacted the SJCSO and an aviation team was sent out to look for Brown.

Police say after an hour of searching, Brown was able to get to higher ground and make herself seen by waving a piece of her clothing in the air.

“I could not find my way out of here… I did draw little x’s all over the places where I’ve been.” said Brown.

She was rescued without any injuries and her only complaint was that she was cold.

“I’m doing great. I’m extremely cold because I spent the night out here,” added Brown

Brown was prepared with a survival kit and was able to make a fire to keep her and her dog warm throughout the night.