FARMINGTON, N.M. (KRQE) – Several students showcased their words in a new published piece highlighting native tongue. It’s a new way to spread their culture and heritage with those around them.

Teachers at Navajo prep say ‘Navajo Zine’ allowed their students to think a little deeper of who they are and where they come from. ‘Navajo Zine’ is a new poetry book created by poet Venaya Yazzie that highlights the culture and history of Dine people and other native cultures. The book is a bilingual poetry magazine has works in the Dine language and other native languages, including one piece in traditional Hawaiian as well as English.

Almost all of the works published in the magazine came from the high school with 15 juniors and 13 seniors published in the magazine. For some students it’s a way to keep their history and culture alive. “I feel like the importance behind it is just to bring attention and more ideas to this different way of poetry from high school students that is now being read to adults,” said Marcus Nahalea, a junior at Navajo Prep

The students also say they really enjoyed this regardless of how advanced their poetry writing skills are because it allowed them to express their feelings. Now the creator, Yazzie, has mentioned to the staff at Navajo Prep she does intend to publish a second volume.

If you would like to read the works, we will have a link here.