NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Attorney General Raul Torrez is ready to take action against New Mexico towns with abortion bans. “There shouldn’t be any misunderstanding, the right to reproductive health care is protected in this state,” says Torrez. “My office is prepared to defend that right and we are going to do everything that we can to guide local governments about their limitations of their authority.”

Hobbs and Clovis approved ordinances that require providers to follow a decades-old federal law still on the books, prohibiting abortion supplies from being sent through the mail. Roosevelt County passed a similar ordinance but it allows private citizens to sue someone suspected of violating the law.

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The attorney general says these communities are misapplying that federal law and says the local attempts to regulate abortion run afoul of the New Mexico constitution. “We can’t have a patchwork where people can access rights in one county and not have equal protection in the next county, so we are going to take steps to enforce equality under the law,” says Torrez.

The attorney general says his office is preparing to issue a formal response and take formal measures soon.