ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Visitors will have more to look forward to as local entrepreneurs launch some brand new attractions just in time for this year’s UFO Festival in Roswell.

“We always want more visitors to come here,” said Juanita Jennings, Director of Marketing for the city. “Last year, we did on average about 16,000 people. This year we’re hoping to hit a little bit higher than that at 20.”

The four-day gathering will feature a virtual reality attraction called “Spaceport Roswell,” complete with ‘flight attendants’ and several ‘journeys’ to choose from.

“We have a menu of destinations you can go. Select your destination whether it’s in the past, or it’s a different place or different planet. You and your party then go into one of these pods like the one we have here,” Jacob Roebuck, Spaceport Roswell producer, said.

One of the featured journeys is named “1947” after the alleged UFO crash that made the city famous. It puts people on the spaceship moments before it collides into the desert.

“The great thing about virtual reality is that it lets us have experiences that normally are not accessible to us,” said Roebuck. “We want to give them something that they won’t forget.”

The average experience will last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes.

Two other new attractions include a spacewalk with black lights and animatronics, and ‘Area 52’ laser tag.

“I just see us taking off into the future with more things,” said Mayor Dennis Kintigh. “That’s what we want to have: more things for more people to enjoy themselves.”

All of the fun kicks off July 4 with an Independence Day celebration, which Billy Ray Cyrus is set to perform at.

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