SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Residents left with homes flooded, roads washed out and without water following a water main break last week. This is just the latest of problems in the area and now residents are putting the blame on the city for not fixing things the first time. 

“Really it’s been an ongoing issue for decades. We’ve been in this neighborhood for 38 years,” said property owner Drew Johnson.

Johnson says around midnight last Wednesday, he heard a noise thinking it was the wind, but looked outside and found water rushing down the street. It continued flowing for the next five and a half hours, the aftermath of it all was a giant sinkhole.

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“From what I’ve seen of it it was pretty extensive; it was 20-30 feet deep, maybe a good 60 yards,” Johnson added.

After trying to contact the City of Santa Fe the night of the incident, Johnson says he waited for someone to come out and he says the water just got higher and higher, leaving behind a muddy mess and water in his garage, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

“The carpet has since been ripped out in the living room, the flooring in the kitchen has been removed, the kitchen cabinets have been ripped out, drywall has been ripped out at this point. So, all of that is going to need to be replaced and fixed,” said Johnson.

Johnson claims the city still isn’t being very helpful about getting things fixed and is frustrated because this isn’t the first time neighbors have dealt with flooding.

“The city workers that did come out did help out smooth the driveway at least so that we could get in and out but there were giant ruts in the driveway and there still are over areas we had fixed damage that happened back in July from a torrential rain and the issues that we have had constantly with them grating the road improperly,” Johnson said.

The road remains closed in the neighborhood and is even affecting mail delivery to some residents. KRQE News 13 reached out to the City of Santa Fe for comment but have not heard back.