SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A Santa Fe mother wants to know why the city has let her local tennis courts fall into such disrepair. They’re so cracked, she thinks it’s a danger, and she wants to know why the city is more focused on building new courts before fixing the ones it already has.

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Karla Moya-Crites said there are not too many places to play tennis in Santa Fe besides the Herb Martinez courts. She’s worried someone is going to get hurt there. 

“When my son has to take tennis lessons, he’s having to deal with this and if he was to run and stop into one of these cracks, he could actually flip and cause a fracture to one of his limbs or even his arms because it’s just broken down,” said Moya-Crites.   

She said her son’s tennis coach, as well as some other parents, has been pushing the City of Santa Fe to renovate the courts since 2019. Moya-Crites claims the city had some money allocated to the courts before the pandemic, but didn’t follow through and instead, converted tennis courts at Fort Marcy Park into pickleball courts. 

Dave Herndon, a spokesperson with the city said he doesn’t know what money Moya-Crites is referring to but said the city has $600,000 to rebuild the Herb Martinez tennis courts from the legislative session earlier this year. The spokesperson said it’s still pending approval from the city. Moya-Crites said she’s glad action is finally being taken but is still upset for how long this has gone on. 

“This area right here is part of the southside and again the southside, I feel like is being neglected in terms of the facilities that we have for our kids, the parks that are kept being kept undone,” said Moya-Crites.  

Herndon said they decided to convert the tennis courts at Fort Marcy into pickleball courts because it was a more “doable” project that cost the city about $30,000. Herndon also said that Herb Martinez is the top priority for the city’s parks department and they’re hoping to do the construction next spring.

The city said it hopes to make Santa Fe a destination for regional pickleball tournaments, a sport that is growing increasingly popular with older Americans.