SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A robot will keep patrolling Santa Fe High School for at least another month.  

It’s one of the only ones like it in the country automatically roaming campus with a live video feed. If there are any concerns alerts get sent to school staff. 

The district says it has a low cost as using the robot costs less than $9 a day. They say this is not looking to replace anyone. Recently it helped the school district spot a possible incident involving two people on campus after hours. 

“They were using their hands to express their opinion or deliver their opinion, and the robot keyed in on it, saying, ‘this is odd, I’m seeing a lot of hand movement with a lot of raised voices,’ so, it kept sending me information,” said Mario Salbidez, executive director of safety and security at Santa Fe Public Schools. Salbidez said school security was sent to make sure the situation de-escalated.

Salbidez said he is interested in trying to get one for Centennial High School and hopes they can extend the program for another year.