SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A Santa Fe doctor is spending his last days on the job protesting his hospital’s new partnership with an out-of-state company. The Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center is shifting management of its staffing and billing to a private company called Sound Physicians.

The hospital says it will help them focus on recruiting more specialists, and they do not expect it to increase costs for customers. But emergency room Dr. Clayton Dalton says he chose to work for the hospital because it’s a nonprofit.

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He and some of his fellow doctors are raising concerns, the change could prioritize profits over patient care at Presbyterian. “Making a profit is not part of their reason of existence,” says Dr. Dalton. “So there’s a mismatch there…and I think that people deserve to know and make a decision as to where they receive their medical care.”

The physicians’ employment agreements with Presbyterian will end Tuesday and they have the option to sign contracts with Sound Physicians. Dalton says, he will not stay on.