SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Santa Fe was on a two-hour delay on Tuesday morning after the state’s capital got a heavy dumping of snow like much of northern New Mexico. The Department of Transportation tells KRQE News 13 their crews are on 12-hour shifts plowing and sanding the roads.

The roads were clear for much of the drive on I-25. Once into town, there was some slush on the main roads and drivers tell KRQE News 13 crews did a good job of clearing the ice.

The Plaza, which is usually bustling around this time, was pretty much a ghost town on Tuesday. There are a few people out but many of the shops either opened late or closed for the day.

Those who did decide to open say the snow was a welcome sight. “I love it, we usually have a little snow in October up at the Ski Basin, so I welcome it. We haven’t had enough moisture this spring so I think it’s perfect. It’s a little bit chilly, a little bit inconvenient, but the way 2020 is going what do you expect,” said Michael Goulet who lives in Santa Fe.

The roads surrounding the Plaza are also clear with crews around the area plowing snow. The Department of Transportation says they’re crews spent the day plowing and sanding, I-25, 599, St. Michael’s Drive and St. Francis drive. Santa Fe already got about four to eight inches of snow and it could see another two to four inches on Tuesday night.

Typically Glorieta Pass is known for being a problem spot during these snow storms but that was not the case today and roads were clear there as well. Santa Fe Police tell us they only had a handful of weather related crashes.

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