SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A major development in the heart of Santa Fe is pushing forward. This week, the Midtown Redevelopment moved from the planning stages to the approval process.

The project would turn 64 acres of the old University of Art and Design, which closed in 2018, into an area with housing, business space, a library, theater, studios for movie making, and more. The plan has hit many hurdles along the way and has taken longer than expected.

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But Santa Fe’s Mayor says the timing worked out in their favor, adding they got more community input on the project. “It’s very exciting to get these votes coming up, to see what the members of the city council say and how the public feels about the work that’s been done, and then my expectation is in the next calendar year, to start entertaining offers from developers,” Mayor Alan Webber said.

Webber says if all goes well, the project could take up to a decade to build but would bring immense growth and opportunity to the city. The next step is for the Planning Commission to vote on the zone change and master plan. If approved, the Governing Body will then decide its fate.