SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Another woman has come forward, accusing a medicine man in Santa Fe of sexually assaulting her. The man was charged in 2018 after groping an undercover officer, but soon after his arrest, the case came to a screeching halt.

“We’re aware of at least three cases involving the suspect,” said Lt. Paul Joye, with Santa Fe Police Department, back in 2018. “We’re asking for more information because we do believe there were other victims,” Lt. Joye said.

Now four years after that interview with Lt. Joye was conducted, one of those other victims has come forward. Santa Fe Police are looking into new allegations that Ricardo Perzabal-Ibanez, a self-proclaimed medicine man, raped another woman.

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“He mentioned he was a medicine man, that he would perform a cleansing ceremony,” said Captain Aaron Ortiz. “She agreed, entered the business and he took advantage of her,” said Ortiz.

Perzabal-Ibanez was arrested back in 2018 for groping an undercover police officer during a sting. At the time of the operation, Santa Fe Police was investigating claims that Perzabal-Ibanez lured women into his shop on Don Gaspar, telling them he’d perform a cleansing ceremony. During the ceremony, the women say he touched them inappropriately. Perzabal-Ibanez was arrested and charged; he was placed on a GPS monitor while awaiting trial.

“At some point during that release, his ankle monitor died,” Cpt. Ortiz explained. “We believe that’s because he didn’t charge it,” Cpt. Ortiz said. Perzabal-Ibanez has been missing since February 2019. Now police are looking into these latest allegations while following leads on where Perzabal-Ibanez could be.

“There’s some intelligence that we’ve gathered that he’s possibly fled the country, and gone back to Mexico where he’s originally from,” Cpt. Ortiz said. Santa Fe Police are asking anyone with information on Perzabal-Ibanez to call them.