SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Santa Fe Mayor Allen Webber is proposing a ballot measure that would amend the state constitution and give local government more power when it comes to gun regulations. Webber plans to introduce the proposal to the state legislature, which would remove a provision in the state constitution.

“So that city governments, local governments, are no longer preempted by the constitution of New Mexico from having gun laws, gun safety provisions that are more restrictive than what the State currently has,” said Mayor Allen Webber.

If passed by the legislature, it would be placed on voting ballots. As it stands, the State Constitution does not allow local governments, such as cities or counties, to make gun regulations that are more restrictive than the state.

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If approved, that provision would be removed, giving power to local governments to add more restrictions if it still falls in line with the United States Constitution.

“Talk to our residence and say, ‘What would you support in the way of limitations, sensible gun limitations,'” Mayor Allen Webber said.

Santa Fe City Council approved a resolution earlier this week of the city’s legislative priorities going into the upcoming session. Mayor Webber’s proposal was in that resolution.

“We just had a horrific mass shooting in Maine. It is the worst nightmare of every mayor in America that someday something like that will happen in your community,” Mayor Allen Webber added.

If the legislature passes the proposal, it would be up to New Mexicans to vote on the issue.