Monday, Santa Fe leaders, school officials, and workers’ rights and business groups are joining forces to make their voices heard at City Hall to speak out against ICE.

One group, in particular, says local businesses in the Capital City are now being targeted.

In recent operations, Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents have been showing up with I-9 audit forms to verify employee’s authorization to work here in the U.S.

The civil rights group “Somos un Pueblo Unido” is hoping to better inform workers and business owners of their rights with a series of forums.

Last week as part of ramped-up ICE enforcement efforts across the country, more than 230 people were arrested during a four-day raid in Northern California.

Here in New Mexico, the group says ICE began targeting locally-owned businesses in Santa Fe and other cities by delivering I-9 audit notices in person to several employers.

They say this caused confusion and panic for workers, families, and business owners.

“Somos un Pueblo Unido” says I-9 audits can often result in workers losing their jobs and could potentially lead to deportation.

Among the many expected to be there Monday are Mayor Javier Gonzales and Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Veronica Garcia.

The event is taking place at noon in front of City Hall in Santa Fe.