SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Santa Fe business owners asked for police patrol in two top tourist destinations. Business owners said they have seen an increase in break-ins and illegal camping in the Downtown Plaza and the Railyards. Santa Fe Police are now responding and seeing instant results.

The Santa Fe Junction Operation is a heightened police presence at the Santa Fe Railyard District and the Plaza. It came about after business owners raised their concerns.

“Part of the concern that business owners did bring up is that there were trash and certain items that were left behind by those that were camping outside of the businesses,” said Santa Fe Police Department Captain Anthony Tapia.

Alfonz Viszolay is the co-owner of Nuckolls Brewing and has been a victim of multiple break-ins. The last break-in was a week ago, and it’s going to cost them hundreds of dollars to repair the damage.

“We had three trucks, Toyotas, we have our catalytic converter stolen, and they cost around $1,500 now to replace it,” said Viszolay.

He’s also had problems with homeless who are camping illegally on his property.

“They sleep; they defecate,” said Viszolay. “Me picking up toilet paper; some of their clothes left over here.”

This operation added two supplemental officers, patrolling the popular destinations and the operation has already seen results.

“We’ve already made multiple arrests, as well as citied multiple people for drinking out in public and some illegal camping,” said Tapia.

This operation will go on for 30 days. Santa Fe Police will reevaluate and see if it needs to be extended.