People in Santa Fe say the pothole problem is out of control. Now the city is finally listening. 

“I have a Corvette that was damaged because of the potholes,” said Richard Rodriguez of Santa Fe. 

Santa Fe residents are fed up with the pothole problem in their city. They say the streets are a mess, especially this year after getting 32 inches of snow this winter. That’s four times as much as they received last year. 

“Just all the roads, every single road is bad,” said Rodriguez. 

Now after getting tons of complaints, the city of Santa Fe has a plan to fix the issue. 

“Put our crews to work two extra hours a day to find those potholes,” said Santa Fe Mayor Allen Webber. 

Mayor Webber says $86,000 is being reallocated from their public works budget to fix what he calls the “pothole epidemic.” The city is also hiring two private contractors who will help city crews with the issue. 

“They will be able to bring more resources so we get more potholes filled sooner, quicker and more effectively,” said Mayor Webber. 

Road crews have already started filling some of the holes being reported. 

The city will also be using more than $6 million from the gas tax bond to pay for some of the roads to be completely repaved. 

“There will be a lot of people driving in Santa Fe who will see orange barrels indicating we are working on the streets,” said Mayor Webber. 

Mayor Webber says this is a more long term solution. He says he expects the pothole project to be complete within the next month. 

If you have a pothole you’d like to report, you can call the city’s pothole hotline at 955-6949.