A New Mexico city is hoping to boost the health of its residents with the creation of a new collaborative.

They want to encourage people to get out and walk, especially those facing chronic conditions. 

Santa Fe city councilors are introducing a resolution to create a community walking program.

It is called “Vamonos – Santa Fe Walks.”

It would be a partnership between the city, including the Park and Recreation Department, the New Mexico Department of Health, the National Park Service and several local health clinics. They’re also working with the Santa Fe Conservation Trust. 

The idea is to target those in the community that are uninsured or underserved and those with chronic conditions to improve their overall health.

It also aims to encourage anyone to be more active.

A recent community health assessment found 54 percent of surveyed adults in Santa Fe County were obese or overweight.

Forty-eight percent of middle schoolers said they were trying to lose weight. 

City Councilor Renee Villarreal is co-sponsoring the resolution, she says with more than 50 miles of dirt trails and 30 miles of ADA accessible paved trails, the city offers safe ways to get out and do some exercise outdoors. 

“I think that if we have a healthy community, we all thrive and it makes us a community that’s more productive you feel better, you treat each other better,” Councilor Villarreal said. 

The idea is for this collaborative to create and market new programs and events to get the community active and to get the word out about the city’s prescription trail maps. 

The full council could vote on the resolution as early as next week. If passed, the collaborative would start in May.