SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Step into Book Mountain in Santa Fe, and owner Peggy Frank can guide you through 30,000 books to help you find what you might like.  

“I say I can find any book or tell you we don’t have it in less than a minute,” said owner Peggy Frank.  

She’s been managing her bookstore since 1980. She got into the business after a car accident she had that left her disabled.  

Frank said, now that she’s getting older, she is looking for someone new to take over.  

“My health is not going to get any better. At age 83, we don’t really get better,” said Frank.  

She’s giving people a Willy-Wonka-like experience by trying to find someone who can take it all over. She plans to give the store away at no charge. 

“Well, the catch is you’re going to have to work,” said Franks.  

That work includes keeping the bookstore clean and stocked, ringing up customers, and helping with the exchange of books. The future owner should enjoy working with people and have a positive attitude. 

Most importantly, they need a very specific skill.  

“They need to know the alphabet,” she said. 

 “I do have a reputation in town for being very exacting and hard-noised. Well, I’m sorry I’m not going to negotiate the alphabet with anybody,” said Frank.  

Frank has tried to hand it over before but said it wasn’t a good fit. She hopes the person who takes over can operate the store the same way and keep the books affordable for those seeking adventure.   

“We’re talking about the spirit of reading, and you can’t put a price tag on spirit,” stated Frank.  

She’s in no hurry to give it up and plans to help the new owner. She will be there as much as she’s needed. Those who are interested will need to stop by the store and talk to her.