SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – An artist in Santa Fe is upset after one of her art pieces was destroyed by graffiti vandals. The mural was painted near the farmer’s market on the old Warehouse 21 building in Santa Fe. After three weeks of work and lots of effort, the mural didn’t even last a year before it was vandalized.

“I’m still in shock really I’m very disheartened. I feel like it was really disrespectful,” said local artist Shakti Kroopkin. For this specific piece, the City of Santa Fe commissioned Kroopkin to do a mural on an empty wall at the old Warehouse 21 building.

This past week the mural was completely painted over, back to a blank wall and tagged with graffiti. Kroopkin says she is a big supporter of street art and to her understanding blank walls were left nearby for that purpose.

“I just feel like it’s really sad, they couldn’t find a different wall to do that on instead of covering something that took a very long time to create,” said Kroopkin.

Kroopkin says she isn’t going to let this bring her down. She’s working on a new mural that will go up outside her new gallery in Madrid. KRQE reached out to the City of Santa Fe to see what can be done about the mural and did not hear back.