SANDOVAL COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Sandoval County commissioners are speaking out about the uncivil behavior at their meetings. This comes after someone made alarming statements during public comment. Leaders in Sandoval County say a lot of it is being fueled by election deniers. 

At a meeting in December, Joshua James told commissioners, “You’ve all committed treason, in fact, this man right here should have arrested you already for not obeying the laws on the books as you certified a fraudulent election.” 

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Sandoval county commissioners say it’s getting old having to defend themselves and the local election process. “I’m very concerned that we’re not able to focus on the businesses at hand that we need to be able to take care of because we are distracted by what is an onslaught, onslaught to be exact because it has been so repetitive,” said commissioner Katherine Bruch.

Joshua James drove from his home in Albuquerque to attend the Sandoval County commission meeting. He didn’t hold back during public comment. “You’re blessed that the people here don’t know the constitution very well because you should all be dragged out of your offices and taken down to the town square and handled exactly as the constitution explains,” said James. 

The county clerk, Anne Brady-Romero, says these comments are alarming especially with the recent violent attacks on homes and offices of other local elected leaders. “The threat of taking us to the town square was concerning to me.” 

Brady-Romero says despite these intense commissioner meetings officials will continue to do their job. “A lot of this is, you know, they want to instill fear in everyone so we can just throw up our hands and say, you know, we give up, we’re not going to, we’re not gonna give up. We’re gonna do our job, the job that we’ve been elected to do,” she stated.

Commissioner Bruch wants to discuss the rules on how people should behave during meetings. Bruch explained, “We will do everything we can to make sure the voices of all of our residents are heard. But anyone who is behaving in that aggressive, threatening manner should not be allowed to continue” 

County clerk Brady-Romero said she’s lost staff members after they say they were mistreated while working during elections. She’s worried situations like this will make it more difficult to run an election.

According to Sandoval County commissioners, there will be a discussion at Wednesday’s meeting around rules on aggressive behavior.