DUNCAN, Colo. (KRQE) – While many people visit White Sands National Park in southern New Mexico to go sledding year-round, a different experience called sandboarding is available just over the state line in Colorado.

Sandboarding, also known as sand surfing, is very similar to snowboarding where people strap in and stand on a board while gliding down a hill. The difference is that there are specific boards that are made to glide on sand. Sandboards feature a special design with extra slick base material and special wax, according to the National Parks Service (NPS).

Female in the Great Sand Dunes National Park with a Sand Board (Adobe Stock)

At Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, which is about a four-hour drive from Albuquerque, Sandboarding is allowed anywhere on the dunefield away from vegetated areas. NPS recommends visitors go during the early morning or evening during the summer to avoid a hot sand surface or thunderstorms. In spring and fall, sand temperatures are usually moderate throughout the day, NPS said.

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Sanboards are available to rent or purchase at some shops near the Great Sand Dunes Visitor Center. The cost to enter the Great Sand Dunes is $25 per car.