Rumors of bribery swirling at southern border

New Mexico

As another large caravan makes its way towards the border, rumors of bribery have begun to swirl.

According to KYMA, a migrant admitted that Mexican authorities are helping people cross into the U.S. by bribing them with money. A situation that Border Patrol agents say is not a rare sight.

“We do hear in some cases about corruption that’s occurring. It’s not a new thing and it hasn’t just started happening recently. It’s been happening as long as we’ve been here, we’ve heard stories about it. But we do have a great working relationship with Mexican authorities,” said Border Patrol Agent Jose Gariby.

When asked why not stay in Mexico, migrants say it’s just as dangerous due to drug cartel violence. President Donald Trump recently gave Mexico a one-year warning to help stop the flow of drugs and migrants from coming into the county. 

If not, he threatened to close the southern border.

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